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Have you ever read or watched one of your favorite series and wished that you could be a part of its world?

The Legends of Eve will help your dream come true.
If you are anything like me, then you wished to be a part of your favorite book, movie, video game, or animated series.  Well, this is your chance to be a part of the new, upcoming magical world of Gaia inside The Legends of Eve.
We will let you know when the next Challenge will begin!
The details are simple: Take a POSE and post it on Instagram with #LoEposeChallenge
And take the Quiz and find out which Element would be yours to control and harness. You will learn the gift from Elementials, the masters of their element, themselves: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. 
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One lucky winner will have their own character professionally drawn by the amazing @RyKyart and have a role in the upcoming book, movie, video game, and animated series!  See your character in a world filled with fantasy. Watch them in the movies. Be them in the video game.
UPDATE: The First and Second LoE Challenges were successful! 

But don’t worry, if you missed out, you will get another chance to become an Elemential. In this battle to save Time, the Elementials are looking for more gifted pupils to train.  See if you are meant to combust fires with the flick of your finger, control the tides of the ocean with your hands, make gusts of wind appear with a whisper, or create mountains with one stomp.  The battle to save Time is said to be an impossible one.  In the infinite amount of times the Last Great War has been fought, Good has never won.  But this time is different. We hope.
You can join the first winners (pictured above) as we recruit more students to master the elements.
Find out which Element you were born to control and help us defeat the Shadow Army.
We need you!
Spanish version — próximamente . . . 
Arabic version — qaribanaan . . . 
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