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I live forever even when I die. I have lived so many times there is not a number in any language that can count as high. I know. I have uttered every tongue. I have seen every person, dead or alive, and created a Shadow Army from their slaughtered souls yet . . . here you are . . . someone who, in the infinite times this moment has existed, I have never seen.

You must be who they called ‘The Boy Who Never Lived.’

I know everything, yet I do not know how you were created. Tell me, Boy, what would you do to be given another chance to see your loved ones? To know you can live forever, even if it is the same life. That life does not end with your final breath. Your memories need not be only of the past but moments that you relive in the future.

I have found that secret. And you have the power to keep the Circle of Time going, but it requires a sacrifice. You have come all this way. Do not let it be for nothing. You are the first to ever survive this void of time and space. Most only last seconds, but you have remained, in your limited scope of time, for billions of years.

You may very well be the most powerful warrior Time will ever see. Its greatest secret.

I know now why you are here. You wish to save her. And you know what you must do.

I give you my sword. The Destroyer of Worlds. The Death. The Arm of Geddon.

Time can either be eternal or finite, where your story ends and you will be forgotten.

Choose. Me or her.

One must die.

The last known words of Geddon, The God of Darkness

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