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Uncover The Secret of Life That Has Been Kept Hidden...

Until Now

Story Within A Story

The Forbidden Book was unlocked. Follow the story shared to a class filled with the most gifted pupils from each Elemential School. Inside its creased pages contains the secret to how Time's most powerful monster was finally destroyed. The secret may help prepare them for their own threat looming in the shadows.

Change Our


Learn about the Elements' role in maintaining balance and order, and how the destruction after the First Great War, thousands of years ago, created an Ice Age that will last for thousands more. This time, the thirst for power could repeat history and destroy the planet even more... or worse:  Time.

Join The


Explore the world of The Kingdom, a frozen tundra where rivers became solid, and villages are blocked off by infinitely high walls made of ice. Experience an epic story of a boy who has never been born before as he tries to survive the torturues of the Village and write his own destiny beyond the Wall. His existence marks the first chance to change the course of time to finally allow life to be lived after the Last Great War.

Choose Your

Pledge allegiance to one of four Elemential schools of thought: Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water. Learn to control the Elements to help prepare for battle against Geddon's Shadow Army. Find out which Element is meant for your soul.

Have you ever wondered where the feeling of déjà vu comes from? 

"In a world where time is a constant, repeating loop, a boy was created who had never lived before. His actions now have the chance to change the course of time and allow life to be lived after the Last Great War."

Because you have lived this same life billions of times.

The fate of Time is in his hands now.

Time operates in constant circles. It begins at one point, completes a full circle, then starts all over again.  This process has occurred billions of times, and explains why we experience the feeling of déjà vu: because we are trapped in a circle, forced to relive the same life. 

At the very end of Time, there is a battle called The Last Great War where Good fights against an Evil force led by Geddon, the God of Darkness.  The last lifeforms in the universe fight to save Time.  Out of the infinite times the war has been fought, Good has never won.  

When all life perished, and the last breath was exhaled, it was also the last tick of the clock called Time. Immediately after the final moments wisped away, when Geddon gloated, raising his arm in victory, the Divine One, fearing that life will cease to exist for an eternity, destroyed the universe. With one explosion, Time recreated itself all over again, resetting the circle.  And this is why we relive the same life each time. The Ancients referred to it as the Arm of Geddon, but now, we know it as the Big Bang.

The Big Bang isn't just the beginning of Time, it is also the end. 

If Time is a constant revolving door, then how would anything change?

Read "The Legends of Eve: A Warrior's Past" to find out.  

Never doubt your value.  Something as small as the flap of a butterfly's wing can forever change the course of Time.

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