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He was three times the size of her, and his face was completely covered with white hair. He had a rounded nose and a long, white furry cloak, which somehow always reeked with sweat.

“You’re the last one, and no different than the others. Shame.”

“Stay away,” she whimpered, struggling to swallow her words as if being gagged.

“You’re sick. You think you’d make it far even if you did climb the Wall?” He laughed.

She looked up at the Wall, then glanced at the man and away again, terrified to make eye contact.  

“You do realize it’s a death wish trying to scale the Wall. All who wish to try are all who wish to die. You should know this. Come down and I won’t hurt you, or your child. I promise.”

Her child. In an instant, she grasped the horror of the situation. “I refuse to let my child live this life,” she gasped, her words hoarse with emotion.

“If only that was up to you.”

She wished she could stay up there forever, but the truth was that, by the second, her fingers were losing grip and she slipped further down the Wall. She was exhausted, and her eyes began to freeze up. With the last of her energy, she leaned her head forward and whispered: “I’m sorry.”

Her fingers slipped away, and she fell, crashing into the thick snow. The snow absorbed most of the impact, but the drop was enough to cripple her.

She was too shocked to scream; a stabbing pain made her clutch her belly, and she gasped, feeling her baby kick inside her. A sharp thud against her lungs and heart.

“You should’ve waited.” He threw his cloak on the ground. It was large enough to fit four of her. He bent over, and picked her up as if she was silk, and then placed her on the cloak.

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