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Olivia Herondale
Aug 05, 2018
In Still Reading
I am guilty of finishing the book in 4 hours but I wanted to ask the community which characters do you like or are drawn to and why? I am really fascinatd with Gabrael. He is both pleasant and terrifying (I would not want to do anything to make him cross with me!). Gabrael is powerful and yet full of secrets. I am constantly intrigued with him and wanting to know his past. Despite his powerful status he is so human and full of emotion, even slipping when he feels overwhelmed. I really like Han’sael because he is very talented and there is so much more than him than his appearance. Never judge a person by their appearance because they can surprise you in the best way possible! Nearing the end of the novel Adalia (aka Lynn) has now caught my interest and I want more of her in the future!

Olivia Herondale

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