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Hello fellow students!

Buckle-up 'cause this one is long. I apologize in advance.

I had the privilege to be invited to join two amazing schools (Fujita and GroundStone). I was told that I am almost as equally intelligent as I am protective. I am excited to announce that I have decided to attend GroundStone. Apparently, I'm a perfect fit. (Sorry Fujita. No hard feelings.)

I appreciate knowledge and I tend to obsess about things until they are done as close to perfect as it can possibly be even if it is just me thinking about a scenario in my head before the actual project begins. The quiz took me FOREVER because I kept thinking about "what if" scenarios but I finally finished it somehow. I think a lot more than I should because I want things done right; as close as possible to perfection and if time permits, by the book. Now it sounds like I should have picked Fujita here but let me explain.

I am the eldest of 4 so protecting is engraved in my soul and instinctual (DISCLAIMER: at least I was lead to believe so by my family and friends). However, because of that I have trained my mind to overtake my heart because I know that the heart does not distinguish between right and wrong. I have been lucky in that the things I have protected in turn protected me as well. I realize many others are not so lucky. One must know how to protect because wanting to protect something can only get you so far before you destroy yourself. If any of you are curious, I don't think I'm even close to finding out the answer on how to protect. What I have come to learn is that protecting something you care about has long surpassed right or wrong. You simply protect what you love hoping that what you love is sincere and honorable enough to not misguide you down a dark path all the while having faith that your life thus far has prepared you for what is to come.

I have the desire to protect but I don't believe have the skills necessary to match the scale at which that passion wants to reach. At GroundStone, I think I will find exactly what I am looking for. Knowledge is power but how you apply that knowledge determines the heart. Turns out my heart won over my head this time.

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