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Book of Fire

(A Warrior's Past, Volume 2)

#1 Rated Debut of 2019

The Legends of Eve

In a world falling to an unknown doom, twelve students must unlock the secret of a mythical book and master their elements so that life may finally exist after the Last Great War.

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Two siblings must deal with their troubled pasts while preparing for the devastating Shadow Army poised to destroy the world.


Praise for The Legends of Eve:

Book of Fire

"The best second book in a series I've ever read."
-Starred review

ebook_by_ryky_dcyfsm1 (1).png

"This is going to be one of those series that stands out, like Harry Potter as a kid."

-Starred review

"An entertaining entry in an evolving fantasy saga."

-Kirkus Reviews

"This book was a real masterpiece."

-Starred review


Were you like me? Did you ever dream to see your own character inside the world of one of your favorite series? Look no further! Take The Legends of Eve Quiz to find out which element you were born to control, and have the chance to join other readers who now have their own character inside the series that is being called "the next big fantasy!"

Book 3 is currently in production, but there is still time to join the fight!

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The Legends of Eve Promise!

We made a promise to our readers that this series will only get better. Readers across the world have said that Book 2 set the bar even higher. And now as we work on Book 3, we promise that the series only gets better! That the wait will be worth it! And without those of you who have believed in this journey from the beginning, none of this could have been possible.

Thank you for being a part of this journey!
It has just begun!

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The #1 rated debut of 2019... just got better!

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